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General Information

The purchases made on this website are approved on the basis of availability. In spite of being approved, if the order contains unavailable products, we will refund the payment using the original method of payment.


Products available on this website can be purchased at any time. Purchases made here will be approved and shipped within 48 working hours. Deliveries will be made at the earliest.


For every purchase made on the website, we will apply a flat shipping rate of $10 is applicable.

The order details, including the total order amount, cost of shipping and additional shipping charges (if any) will be displayed on the checkout page. Users can make purchases by adding the products they wish to purchase to their shopping cart.


International delivery is available on this website.

For every purchase made on this website, an estimated delivery time will be provided. The maximum time for delivery is 20 working days.

Payment Details

We accept payment through your MasterCard or VISA. The website will authorize payment for your order once it has been processed. Once the amount is credited, we will send the payment receipt to your email account as acknowledgement.

Cash payment is not allowed on this website. 

Status Link

To help you find the location of your order, we will send a tracking link to your email account. Kindly view this link 36 hours after the order has been dispatched to know your order status.


In case of any delayed deliveries, kindly notify our customer support. If the delay has been extended more than 7 days from the expected delivery date, then we will conduct an inspection to find the cause for delay. If the delay has been caused due to our negligence, we will resend the order once again, bearing all the shipping charges.

If you receive any damaged products, kindly let us know.


The purchases made on this website are applicable for cancellation. To cancel your order, kindly provide your order number details. To cancel an order which has already been delivered to you, kindly send back the order to us.

We will consider returns once you provide a written request within 3 working days from the initial product delivery date. In case products are delivered in a damaged state, kindly send back the order for inspection. We will require at least 12 working days to check the order for damages. If the damages are genuine, we will send a new product. The shipping charges will be paid by us. You may avail refunds on the order amount. Refund will also be provided in case the product is unavailable.


If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product you can get full refund without shipping products back.

The refund amount will be transferred through the original method of payment. We will make the refund if the request has been approved. We will transfer your refund amount excluding the shipping charges. The amount may be transferred either to your MasterCard/VISA or to the bank account which was used for the initial purchase. Cash refunds are not available. We will refund your payment not earlier than 3 working days from the confirmation but within 10 working days.

While transferring refunds, we will not include the shipping charges and handling costs borne by the customer during the purchase of the order. If you wish to return the order, you must bear the shipping charges. The order must also be sent in its original condition. We cannot guarantee that the returns will be accepted by the website. For out-of-stock products, we will transfer refunds.

The products can be returned not later than 30 days ofter delivery. Handling costs - are additional costs that bears the cardholder: it can be fees of the issuer bank for overseas transaction, exchange rate charges and so on.

Contact us

You can dial our listed numbers if you have any queries or suggestions. You can also send in your queries to our email address.